Fair Fact Sheet: FBSF will take place in Fortaleza, Brazil from November 10 to 12, 2020

Logo of Fortaleza Brazil Stone Fair.

Name: Fortaleza Brazil Stone Fair 2020 (6th issue)

Opening Date: November 10 – 12, 2020
Opening Hours: 3pm to 8pm
Address: Centro de Eventos do Ceará – 999, Washington Soares Ave.
Webpage: https://fortalezabrazilstonefair.com/
Phone: +55 85 3261-1111
Email: stonefair@ikone.com.br

Fair Profile:
Fortaleza Brazil Stone Fair is an international exhibiton of granites, quartzites, marbles, limestones, laminated stones, machinery, equipments and supplies for the productive chain of natural stones. The event also seeks to expand the synergy with professionals of architecture, construction, designers and decoration, aiming at the valorization of natural stones.

Fortaleza Brazil Stone Fair 2019.Fortaleza Brazil Stone Fair 2019.

The 2019 Fortaleza Brazil Stone Fair (FBSF) had the focus of its program on architecture, interior design and product design with natural stone. There were lectures and events; as an example we show below photos of the discussion series with which Granos company brought design students and young designers together.

Granos company’s Forum with students of design and young designers (front left: Carlos Rubens Alencar).

Other parts of the program were the Future Forum, where experts talked about the future of the stone industry in 50 years for the second time running (link). The tenth Symposium on natural stones in Brazil’s North East (X. Simpósio de Rochas Ornamentais do Nordeste) with numerous lectures and a poster session took place simultaneously on the fairground. A central topic here was „Diseases of natural stone“ (patologias em rochas), i.e. damage caused by faulty implementation.

Fortaleza has the international airport Pinto Martins with about 6,6 million passengers and 40.000 t of cargo in 2018. The fairground can be easily reached from the airport by taxi or from the city center by taxi or public bus.

Ceará, Brazil’s new hub for the stone sector:
Fortaleza is the capital of the state of Ceará which is the new hub of Brazil’s stone industry. Some data:
* It is in Ceará where important quartzites are extracted, many which stand out: Taj Mahal, Perla Venata, Matira, Perla Santana, Nacarado or Cosmopolitan;
* Among the Quartz Crystals it has: Cristallo Pink, Onyx Vision and Amethiste;
* Super exotic stones are: Blue Deep, Rome Imperiale, Palomino, Wood Stone, Azulli, Turtle, Elegant Brown;
* Among the classic granites are Ceará White, Cotton Motion, Rain Forest, Red Dragon and Casablanca;
* Some quarries of marble are also emerging, and some materials are already on the market, such as: Cariús Marble and San Pellegrino.
* The state’s stoen sector is rapidly growing: while in 2015, Ceará had 14 firms or groups quarrying mainly quartzites or granites, now this number reached 45;
* An important step to keep the value added by processing within the state is the Free Trade Zone (Zona de Processamento de Exportações, ZPE) at the Pecém harbor;
* In January 2018 Ceará’s stone exportations reached US-$ 2,708,815 which was an increase of 191,8% compared to the year before. The main target country was Italy (US-$ 1.6 million = 59%);

Amethiste.Blue Deep. Palomino.Roma Imperiale.Taj Mahal.Cristallo Pink.Onix vision.Cariús Marble, with Carlos Rubens Alencar.