Application open for the 20th International Prokonessos Sculpture Symposium on Marmara Island

Poster of the 20th Intl Prokonessos Sculpture Symposium.

6 artists from all over the world will carve 3 m³ of local white marble / Deadline for application is June 19, 2020

Participants: 6 international artists

Royalty: participants who finish their works will be paid 15,000 TRY (US-$: 2100, divided in 5000 TRY during the symposium, 10,000 at the end). The artists are offered free accommodation as well as free meals. Support for travel costs is 1250 TRY for foreign artists, 750 TRY for domestic artists.

Auctorial rights: the works become the property of the Marmara Islands Municipality. The finished works will be exhibited at the sculpture park or other locations.

Theme: sculptures should depict the island’s culture (grape harvest, grape, viniculture, wine, sea, fishery, and fish…). Prokonessos is the ancient name of Marmara island.

Material: approx. 3 m³ of Marmara white marble for each artist

Where: Saraylar, Marmara Island

When: August 05 – 31, 2020

Deadline for application: June 19, 2020

Situation: the artists will work outdoors and must bring with their tools. Compressed air and electricity is provided.

Program: Artists should be interested in getting into contact with the local community and tourists.

Organizer: Marmara Islands Municipality and the Symposium Committee

Webpage/application form


(17.04.2020, USA: 04.17.2020)