For Australian Residents: application open for the Lester Prize for portraits until July 10 (Adult) or July 24 (Youth) respectively

Logo of the Lester Prize.

The Lester Prize is described by the organizers as “the fresh face of portraiture”.
* It is for portraiture that comes from an unexpected place, but can speak to all.
* It is for the elevation of the artist but against vacuous celebrity.
* It is for quality irrespective of style.
* It is for insight over fashion.
* It builds reputations, not just venerates those who already have one.

Australian Residents may enter applications until July 10 (Adult) or July 24 (Youth) respectively.

Sculptures, photographic works and digital media are not eligible for entry. The Portrait must be capable of vertical display by hanging on a wall. The Portrait may be executed in (but is not restricted to) oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastels, textiles, pencils, charcoal, ink and mixed media.

* The Richard Lester Prize for Portraiture: A$50,000 (Non-Acquisitive) (“The Richard Lester Prize”) awarded to a Finalist by the Judges;
* People’s Choice Prize sponsored by the Baldock Family: A$7,500 (“People’s Choice Prize”) awarded to the Finalist with the most votes from the public;
* Tony Fini Foundation Artist Prize: A$10,000 (“Toni Fini Foundation Artist Prize”) awarded to a Finalist by popular vote of the other Finalists;
* Two Highly Commended Prizes (“Highly Commended Prize”) each comprising:
– A$1,000 from Oxlades Art Supplies;
– A$550 Domestic Art Transport gift voucher;
– A$500 Arts Edge Photo & Frame gift voucher;
– A$250 Oxlades Art Supplies gift voucher.
awarded by the Judges to two Finalists (other than the recipient of The Richard Lester Prize).

Entry Fee is A$45.00 (inclusive of GST) per portrait.

Organizer is the Art Gallery of Western Australia (AGWA).

The Lester Prize

(02.05.2020, USA: 05.02.2020)