Submissions open for the 1st Yellow River Culture International Sculpture Exhibition until June 10, 2020

Poster of the 1st Yellow River Culture International Sculpture Exhibition.

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International sculptors may enter model-photos of works depicting culture and farming in Wanrong county along the mother river of the Chinese nation

Participants: 20 international sculptors

Event: 1st Yellow River Culture International Sculpture Exhibition

Where: Yellow River Wetland Park of Wanrong county, China, in the southwest of Shanxi Province and in the northwest of Yuncheng City

Royalty: RMB 60,000 Yuan (US-$ ~8400) after-tax for each selected artist

Material: stone, metal, etc. (including glass-fiber-concrete, GRC) suitable for a sculpture for outdoor placement. Entries must be model-photos of the planned works. Artists may enter at maximum 4 models which must be made of the same material as the planed final work (length or height of no less than 30cm). The final works will be produced in China.

Deadline for submissions: June 10, 2020.

Theme: Yellow River Culture & Farming Civilization

Aim of the exhibition, as stated by state President Xi Jinping: “The Yellow River culture is an important part of Chinese civilization and the root and soul of the Chinese nation. We should promote the systematic protection of the cultural heritage of the Yellow River and keep the precious heritage left by our ancestors. We should deeply tap the era value of the Yellow River culture, tell a good story of the Yellow River, continue the historical context, strengthen cultural self-confidence, and gather spiritual strength for the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”

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