“Challenge” competition by Spanish Rosalstones company: “build with stone today for a sustainable tomorrow”

Poster of the “Challenge” competition.

Spanish Rosalstones company sent us the following press release about its competition “Let’s build a better future”:

Let’s be bold and rack our brains about a new way of living, of constructing and of organising the territory and ourselves.


Let’s reflect on the improvements and innovations that we’d like to see from now on

* Convey your ideas in the format you prefer (an article, a poem, a sketch, a video)
* Share it on social media with the hashtag # #buildachange or email it to info@rosalstones.com
* Challenge at least one other person by tagging them in your post or by sending them this message.

* We’ll collect all the ideas and share those received by email
* We’ll showcase all your ideas during the “build in stone today for a sustainable tomorrow” event* to sum up everyone’s thoughts.
* With the University of Cartagena and the College of architects of Murcia, Spain. Date: pending confirmation

Prize (see photo below):
This solid stone piece produced by us will be delivered to whoever gets most likes in their challenge post on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin) tagging @rosalstones and challenging at least one other person.
Design by Josep Vila Capdevila. PORTICOS collection. *45×30 cm piece


The prize of the “Challenge” competition. Design: <a href="https://www.stone-ideas.com/74728/aparentment-iberian-design/"target="_blank">Josep Vila Capdevila</a>

(30.05.2020, USA: 05.30.2020)