Mophradat: 10 to 15 grants for artists from or living in the Arab world, and/or engaged with the Arab world (on a rolling basis)

Logo of Mophradat.

On average US$5,000 can be used with no restrictions from material and equipment to field research expenses, fees, renting a workspace, printing, etc

Between 10 and 15 grants for artists from or living in the Arab world, and/or engaged with the Arab world.

The organizer tries to provide the amount requested, however, that rarely exceeds $5,000.

Topics must be relevant to the Arab world. The grants can be used to pursue threads of research, stage an event, create new work, publish, travel, take part in a residency or workshop, or present an exhibition or performance.

Applicants must be professional artists coming from the field of contemporary arts (all disciplines are welcome). The grant may not be used to make a feature film or to achieve an academic degree like MA or Ph.D.

The realization of the project may take place anywhere in the world, but must not start before application. It must be completed within 12 months after signing the contract with the organizer.

Funds will be released in a two-stage process: 80 percent when the grant agreement is signed, and the remaining 20 percent on project completion.

Two deadlines for submissions per year: October 01 and April 01

Organizer, according to the webpage of Mophradat: “We are registered as an international non-profit association in Belgium since 2004, and our office is in Brussels. Mophradat creates opportunities for artists from the Arab world* through an inventive approach to funding, commissioning, collaborating, and gathering. Our way of working is imaginative and ambitious, inclusive and hospitable. The name Mophradat is an (eccentric) transliteration of the Arabic word meaning vocabulary. Our name speaks to the uniqueness of individual elements in a collective, but also to the way in which brought together they generate shared meanings and understandings.
*We recognize the Arab world as a loosely-defined geography that is called home by people of diverse ethnicities, gender identities, religions, ideologies, and languages.”

Calls for grants

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