Call for the creation of a dry stone landscape work in the territory of the Gorges du Gardon Biosphere Reserve in Southern France

Logos of the organizers.

International architects may enter the contest (only in French) / € 55,000 for the realization of the winner’s idea

Participants: international architects, heritage architects, landscape architects, designers, possibly in association with other professionals. In the case of a collective application, one of the participants must have the above named professional qualification.

Contest: creation of a dry stone landscape work which will
* be a central attraction in the Biosphere Reserve,
* give visitors a feeling of the landscape,
* inform about the long tradition of dry stone walling in the region.

Language: all the process is in French.

Two locations are considered for the site, each located on a communal plot in the Gorges du Gardon Biosphere Reserve: Saint Gervasy above the A9 motorway (plot AC112) and La Calmette above RN 106 (parcel AM85). The project will be visible from one of these roads.

Selection in 2 stages: in the first phase, 3 selected projects will receive a grant of € 1000 each. Out of these, the final winner will be chosen and will realize his idea. The budget is at maximum € 55,000 (including all taxes, including project management fees and ancillary costs like earthworks, possible soil survey, etc.).

Material: dry stone construction is characterized by the absence of any binder, the stability of the structure being ensured by the choice and careful arrangement of the stones. The entries may also include other elements like vegetation, various types of landscaping, etc.

Deadline for submissions: August 16, 2020.

Organizers: The Syndicat Mixte des gorges du Gardon, in partnership with the communes of La Calmette and Saint-Gervasy (Gard).

Description: The Biosphere Reserve has a rich heritage of dry stone bequeathed by history. The roots go back to antiquity, but mainly in the small agricultural constructions erected in the 18th and 19th centuries, this type of construction is omnipresent. Walls, waterwheels, cisterns, enclosures, paths, charcoal pits, lime kilns… criss-cross the scrubland. Hundreds of “capitelles” (stone huts) have been counted around Uzès. In the commune of Nîmes, 680 are officially listed, and many more sleep in the countryside or in private gardens, which constitutes a density unique in the world!

Application form (French)

(28.06.2020, USA: 06.28.2020)