Call for ideas for luxury products using glass and glass fiber together with tiny artificial diamonds

Poster of DiamantArt's call for ideas.

Industrial design wanted / The prize for the winner is € 4000, option rights of € 2000 for the purchase of other entry’s license

Participants: creatives from all disciplines and all countries are invited to design an object for a new collection for the luxury world using the innovative micro diamonds material of Italian DiamArt company. Participants may be aged 18 years or older, and they may enter one or more ideas.

* the first prize will be € 4000
* option right: the company offers an extra chance to all participants setting a € 2000 for the purchase of the license for the economic exploitation of the projects not-acknowledged as the winning proposals.

Entrance fee: none

Deadline for entries: October 31, 2020

Material: DiamArt has developed a technology to use the tiny diamonds which are leftover from the tool production. These artificial diamonds need a support – see a report about white marble as porter under Now, the company is developing a line with glass and glass fiber as support. Entries must respect size and thickness limitations but are free to choose the color (only one color is allowed per piece).

Industrial design: The proposals must be apt for industrial processes, to allow for mass production. It is of the utmost importance that the entries respect the materials which shall be used. Entries comrising a rough estimate of the production costs will be particularly appreciated, keeping as a reference a batch of 10 – 100 pieces and a cost for the DiamArt decoration of about 2-3 EUR/cm2.

Product value: the products shall be designed for a target above 25 years, with purchasing power in line with the luxury sector. The company’s target consumer is very keen on details and pays great attention to product elegance and material quality. The diamonds are meant to embellish the object and give it a unique style.

Product categories:
* jewelry
* furniture items
* interior decoration
* fashion accessories
* clothing items

Application: Desall, an agency for contests


(26.07.2020, USA: 07.26.2020)