Swiss Bibliothek Andreas Züst: Call for applications for 3 residencies for Swiss and international cultural workers at the majestic former hotel Alpenhof

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Participants shall develop projects that deal with the tradition of libraries as places of knowledge and as fabric of our culture

Call: 3 studio residency stipends of 4 weeks each in the majestic former hotel Alpenhof, St. Anton, Switzerland

Applicants: Swiss and international cultural workers (individuals or teams of up to a maximum of 4 persons) across all disciplines

Theme: The Bibliothek (library) Andreas Züst is especially seeking projects that deal with the tradition of libraries as places of knowledge in all their diversity. In short: the residency should entail research about what constitutes the fabric of our culture and also what goes beyond it.

Where: The Alpenhof is an inspiring location for retreat and working in St. Anton, Switzerland, with opportunities for exchange and relaxation situated at 1,110 m overlooking the Rhine Valley and Lake Constance.

Residence: free of charge is the accommodation in individual rooms, the use of the studio, and the other facilities of the place, travel costs are also covered. A separate request can be made for an additional subsidy for living costs of up to CHF 250/week. Artistic production costs must be covered privately. Facilities include: shared kitchen, dining and living rooms, and the Bibliothek Andreas Züst.

Entry fee: none

Deadline for applications:
* for a residency in November 2021: April 30, 2021

Background: Andreas Züst (1947–2000) was a photographer, painter, natural scientist, publisher, collector, and a legendary figure in the context of Swiss and European art. He was a universalist with a tireless thirst for knowledge, as well as being a great bibliophile. His library includes approximately 10,400 titles on topics ranging from, e.g., the weather, geology, astronomy, physics, literature, photography, art, kitsch, and popular culture. Since 2010, the Bibliothek has been located at former hotel Alpenhof. Before, a special a classification system had to be invented to make the private library comprehensible also for outsiders.

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