Until September 08, 2020: Call for submissions for the 17th Sculpture by the Sea, at Cottesloe, a suburb of Perth

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Applications welcome from artists around the world for the event from March 15 to 22, 2021 / Several awards for Western Australian and international participants

Participants: sculptors from around the world

Event: 17th Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe

When: March 15 – 22, 2021

Where: Cottesloe Beach, a suburb of Perth

* The Mostyn Family Foundation Artist Subsidy of A$ 5,000 (US-$ ~ 3600) for an International artist;
* The EY People’s Choice prize of A$ 5,000;
* The A$ 10,000 Bendat Family Foundation Invited WA Artist Program, each for 3 Western Australian (WA) artists invited by the Sculpture by the Sea National Artistic Advisory Committee;
* Western Australian Sculptor Scholarship of A$ 10,000 with thanks to Gavin Bunning AM & Julienne Penny;
* Alcoa Aluminium Award of A$ 10,000 for a new significant work in Aluminium open to all exhibiting artists;
* Assistance for all artists for reasonable use of install and de-install Site Crew and heavy equipment like cranes, forklifts and trucks

Sales of objects from the exhibition: on average, 20-25% of outdoor works are sold, as said on the webpage. Artists should note that the majority of sales are below A$ 50,000.

Entry fee: general entry fee is A$ 45 inclusive of GST for the first proposal. Artists may enter up to 3 works for consideration. For every additional work entered a fee of A$ 25 and another entry form is required; concession entry fee is A$ 25 inclusive of GST per proposal. Those eligible include full time students, the unemployed and healthcare card holders (please provide proof of eligibility, e.g. a photocopy of your card).

Transportation: artists are responsible for the transportation of their sculptures, including international freight, to and from the exhibition site and for arranging the removal of all packaging materials from the site. If the organizer is required to remove and return crates from site this will be charged to the artist. “We like to advise interstate and international artists to make preliminary freight costing enquiries prior to submitting for the exhibition, and these costings should include return freight. Once selected, international and interstate artists are invited to discuss transport and packaging with the Site Manager,” as said under “Terms & Conditions” on the webpage.

Material: All types of material, all forms and sizes of sculpture

Deadline for submissions: September 08, 2020

Theme: none

Organizer: The aim of Sculpture by the Sea is to promote artists and their works. „We are committed to making sculpture more accessible to a wide range of audiences and are the only Australian organization offering education programs and resources to schools specifically focused on sculpture,” as said on the webpage.
A second venue of Sculpture by the Sea is Bondi at the Eastern rim of the continent in October/November. It takes place in New South Wales along the iconic coastal walk between Bondi and Tamarama beaches.

Submissions for the 17th Sculpture by the Sea, Cottesloe

Sculpture by the Sea

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