Mophradat: call for artists only from Lebanon with projects about self-organization from there

Logo of Mophradat.

The budget for project ranges from US-$ 2000 to US-$ 6000 / Deadline for applications is October 01, 2020

Mophradat, an international non-profit association, calls for projects on self-organizing in Lebanon by arts practitioners from there. The budget for 3 categories ranges from US-$ 2000 to US-$ 6000. Deadline for applications is October 01, 2020. The program is supported by the Federal Foreign Office, Germany.

1st category: Informal Co-ops. A minimum of four practitioners need to take the initiative to come together and identify a resource/tool that they can share for a period of six months to one year, that can help them to develop their own work, pursue or restart their activity.

2nd category. Group Actions: In the absence of reliable infrastructures, this category supports actions carried by groups having a shared concern. They can include actions to provide or have access to intellectual or vocational knowledge, or knowledge that can help the group address the various conditions hindering their practices and ability to work.

3rd category: Your Ideas. We are keeping this category open to hear from potential participants on what they want to initiate as part of this program that falls under the notion of self-organization in Beirut. The proposal must be made by a committed group of at least three people,

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