“Artists‘ Contacts“ by ifa: funding for intercultural exchange projects between creatives from Germany and developing countries

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Grants for travel and subsistence costs for a project from contemporary visual arts, architecture, photography, media art, and design from June 2021 on / Application deadline January 31, 2021

With the Artists‘ Contacts program, the German Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa, Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations) supports the international cooperation of cultural actors. Artists and cultural practitioners from Germany and from transformation or developing countries may be supported for projects in contemporary visual arts, architecture, photography, media art and design. Applicants thereby receive the chance to network internationally and to advance the intercultural discourse between Germany and the global South, according to the ifa-webpage.

For whom:
* Cultural actors from developing and emerging countries who want to carry out a project in Germany;
* German creatives who are planning a project in a developing or emerging country;
* Persons without German citizenship (with at least 5 years of residency) who are planning a project in a developing or emerging country.
* In detail: Artists, curators, art educators, arttheorists, architects and designers (including institutions) with contemporary projects.

* High quality standard of the artistic project.
* Artists from here and there collaborate intensively.
* Invitation from a non-commercial cultural or exhibition institution (no private gallery).
* Considerable financial and/or other own contributions by the issuing foreign institution.
* Applications can be submitted in German or English.
* Students may not participate.

Funding: Grants for travel expenses from Germany to a developing country or vice versa. Under certain conditions, artist-in-residence stays can also be supported.

Organizer: “ifa (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen) is Germany’s oldest intermediary organisation for international cultural relations. It promotes a peaceful and enriching coexistence between people and cultures worldwide. ifa supports artistic and cultural exchange in exhibition, dialogue and conference programmes, and it acts as a centre of excellence for international cultural relations. It is part of a global network and relies on sustainable, long-term partnerships,“ as said on the webpage.

Application deadline: January 31, 2021, for projects starting in June of the same year.

Artists‘ Contacts, Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen

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