Residencies for people who want to work about the Mediterranean as an archive of European culture

Marebox: “Water Weighs”.

During two weeks in Calabria, Italy, creatives from all disciplines (artists, scientists…) shall develop ideas for an exhibition about the maritime heritage of the European Sea

What: residencies for creative teams (preferably 3 people) taking place for two weeks in Calabria, Italy, around the end of May 2021

* artists, scientists, historians, activists, designers, coders, policymakers, and practitioners of other disciplines,
* being EU residents, or
* being from certain states in Europe or around the Mediterranean (see list below).

Topic: “Underwater culture”
* How does the sea function as a deep archive?
* How do time and space collapse into a continuum and a flowing of memories and histories across continents and eras?
* Can water imagery and sea as imagined space help imploding geographical and affective distance?
* How can we engage with liquid violence, hydropoetics of displacement, and ocean forensics?
* How can we read the dispersion of people and the construction of diasporas in Europe through water?
* Can we formulate new perspectives on marine ecologies, and the tangible effects of climate change and anthropogenic violence on the sea?
* What can we learn about our corporality from the sea and its underwater cosmologies?
* How can we formulate new ways of fluidity and multiple being in the Mediterranean context?

Funds: covered are
* travel costs to the residency, accommodation, and food,
* production costs (fully or partially), materials, and professional staff for creating the projects,
* the results will be shown for one month in exhibitions in Cosenza, Italy, Alonissos, Greece, Berlin, Germany. Transfer to other locations around Europe is possible.

Deadline: January 31, 2021
* All entries must be made in English.

Project title: “Water Weighs. Tracing underwater memory, the sea’s life and its corporality”. It aims to:
* Bring artistic views and practices to highlight and raise awareness of the current challenges of the Mediterranean Sea.
* Create greater openness to partnerships between arts, culture, science, and the business industry with a mission to promote and protect maritime cultural and natural wealth, making it accessible to the public.
* Connect people with their past, their present and future, through the long-term survival and accessibility of our shared maritime heritage.
* During the first 3 days, the residency will encourage critical moments of discussion and exchange. Scholars, writers, and professionals of various disciplines will take part.
* During the residency programme, several workshops will take place along with artwork creation, tutoring, and supporting the teams. Among the workshops of the residency programme is a “Creative Innovation Lab” workshop focused on the creation of an exhibition that mingles the cultural with artistic and creative sector and technology.

Organizer: MAREBOX is an initiative co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Commission (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency). It traces the history of the continent’s culture through objects which have been embedded in the seafloor during the last 5000 years: starting from the ceramic remains of the ancient trade routes up to the remnants of ships and airplanes from the two World Wars and the shipwrecks of today’s refugees to the enormous quantity of debris resting in the European waters as a result of the modern lifestyle and economic activity. It is co-funded by the EU’s Creative Europe Program.

Water Weighs

Participants’ list

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