Application until January 31, 2021: the city of Munich offers 2 residencies for artists from all genres in late-summer or late-autumn 2021

Villa Waldberta, overlooking Lake Starnberg close to Munich, Germany. Photo: Jürgen Howaldt / <a href=""target="_blank">Wikimedia Commons</a>, <a href=""target="_blank">Creative Commons License</a>

The program is open only come for professionals with residencies outside of Bavaria in Germany

What: 2 residencies near Munich (Germany), each one for 1 artist

For whom: professional artists from all genres with a residency outside of the German state of Bavaria

Where: in Villa Waldberta which is located in a noble villa colony overlooking the famous Lake Starnberg about 45 minutes by S-Bahn from downtown Munich
1) one residency in the period from August 04 to September 28, 2021
2) one residency in the period from November 03 to December 28, 2021

Funds: covered are
* per person travel costs of up to € 350 for guests from Europe, up to € 800 for guests from abroad,
* per person a rent-free apartment at Villa Waldberta (including own kitchen and bathroom),
* a grant of € 1200 per month per person,
* a monthly ticket for public transportation,
* access to common areas, a studio, and availability of exhibition space in the Palmenhaus in the villa garden,
* access to “organized meetings with artists and curators, as well as visits to galleries and art institutions in Munich, and, should the situation arise, in the countryside surrounding the foothills of the Alps,“ as said on the webpage.

Entrance fee: none

* applicants must have good working knowledge in spoken and written English,
* applications only in English or German,
* expected is the willingness to cooperate with the program team, with other artists, with the program partners, and to participate in events open to the general public.

Deadline for both applications: January 31, 2021

Organizer: City of Munich’s Artist in Residence program: In the Villa Waldberta, the selected artists may “develop concepts, exchange ideas and thoughts with other guest artists, initiate projects, and introduce themselves and make presentations to the general public as part of events. We support the guest artists with introductions to the art scene in Munich and networking with local persons who are active in the art and culture scenes. In the ideal case, this could result in building or strengthening enduring work relationships.“

Program Artist in Residence, Munich

(10.01.2021, USA: 01.10.2021)