Call for entries for the International architectural design competition „Ancient Tree Civilization and Residence Future“ supported by RIBA

Poster of the competition.

Applicants from all over the world shall create a new model of an eco-hotel and guest houses embedded in a natural forest in China and its mystical trees

In the Thousand Year Ancient Trees Garden, part of the Xiangtoushan National Nature Reserve in Guangdong Province, China, a hotel and guest houses are planned. International designers and architects are called to enter proposals for an eco-friendly concept of usage of the site with surrounding land of 1333.33 hectares and three villages, all with good transport links.

Details are given on a webpage:
* The general layout of the buildings shall be based on the ultimate expression of the idea that man is an integral part of nature.
* The design shall strive for the harmonious coexistence of buildings, trees, mountains, and water, promote humans’ return to forests, construct home for humans’ spirit and soul.
* Applicants shall construct a new ecology of “humans and trees”: create the most appropriate ecological system for the growth of ancient trees; form a strong natural ecological field of energy; create the ultimate ecological lifestyle in the China Great Bay Area; establish the leading technological and ecological protection system and technological life system

Deadline for entries: April 11, 2021

* First Prize (1 winner): 1.5 million RMB (pre-tax) + RIBA Trophy + RIBA Certificate of Honor
* Second Prize (5 winners): 200,000 RMB each (pre-tax) + RIBA Trophy + RIBA Certificate of Honor
* Top 30 (24 winners): RIBA Trophy + RIBA Certificate of Top 30 Honor + Work Publication
* Top 100: RIBA Certificate of Top 100 Honor + Work Publication

Organizers: The competition is supported by the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), organized by Kaisen Holding Group, executed by RIBA WFOE and delivered by designverse magazine and Young Bird Plan.



(09.03.2021, USA: 03.09.2021)