Sculptors from Japan and around the world may enter work models or photos of models respectively for the 29th Biennale in the city of Ube, Japan 2022

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The highest prize money is ¥ 4 million (US-$ 36,000), altogether the awards are nearly ¥ 10 million (US-$ 90,000)

What: 29th Ube Biennale in Ube City, Yamaguchi Pref., Japan

When: October 02 – November 27, 2022

Who may apply: sculptors from Japan and around the world. The competition is open to all individuals and groups, amateurs and professionals. Each applicant can only submit one work.

Entrance fee:
* none for artists from abroad
* ¥ 10,000 for artists from Japan, none for Japanese students

* Grand Prize by Ube Industries, Ltd. ¥ 4,000,000 (~ US-$ 36,000)
* Ube Citizens Prize (Ube Tokiwa Museum Prize) ¥2,000,000 (~ US-$ 18,000)
* Mainichi Newspapers Prize ¥ 1,000,000 (~ US-$ 9000)
* Yamaguchi Bank Prize ¥1,000,000
* Ube Chamber of Commerce and Industry Prize ¥500,000
* Shimane Yoshika Town Prize ¥200,000
* Yamaguchi Prefectural Art Museum Prize ¥200,000
* Iwami Art Museum Prize ¥200,000
* Yanagihara Yoshitatsu Prize ¥500,000

Submission open: until August 16, 2021

Work specifications: All types of sculptures are allowed. Entries must be original works that have not been exhibited elsewhere before. Maximum size as final realization must not exceed 900 cm (height + width + depth, including pedestal). Maximum weight is 10 tons.

Procedure: applicants may enter a work as a model or as photos of a model. 15 of the entries will be selected for realization as full-scale works: the Biennale will pay the realization and the transport to Ube. 40 other artists will be invited to send their model to be shown at the exhibition. All selected works will remain as a permanent installation in Ube.

Background: The International Sculpture Competition Ube Biennale was Japan‘s first large-scale outdoor sculpture exhibition launched in 1961. It was a citizens‘ initiative searching for an improved post-war cityscape and richness of mind. Since then, it has been playing a significant role in “urban revitalization through art.” The 29th issue marks the 60th anniversary of the event and the 100th anniversary of Ube as the city.

Organizer: Ube City, Ube Biennale Committee, Mainichi Newspapers. Sponsored by Ube Industries, Ltd. Supported by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Project for the Creation of Cultural & Art Hub 2021.

Submission guidelines

Ube Biennale 2022 (submission guidelines also in in Spanish, Chinese, Korean)

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