SHAPL design contest for “everyone who thinks differently, to create products that work better“ (submission of ideas open until August 07, 2021 open until August 07, 2021)

Logo of the 4th SHAPL Design Contest.

Students, professional designers, design companies, or groups of designers are invited to submit innovative product ideas for total prize money of US-$ 100,000

What: 4th SHAPL Design Contest

Who may participate: Students, professional designers, design companies or groups of designers are invited to submit ideas. “The design contest is open for everyone who thinks differently, to create products that work better,“ as said on the webpage. “It rewards designers who have the persistence and tenacity to develop their ideas.“

Range: Any product idea can be submitted. Participants may enter multiple design ideas.

* US-$100,000 in total.
* the Best-of-the-Best award is US-$ 5000.
* various awards are US-$ 1000 each.
* If a design is produced as a product by SHAPL, the designer will receive an additional bonus of US-$10,000.

Entries: open until August 07, 2021

Application fee: none

Procedure: in the first phase, submitted ideas will be reviewed and checked for suitability under the participation of the community. Selected designers will be invited to improve their ideas. On September 09, 2021, the final winners will be announced.

Organizer: The SHAPL Design Contest is “the world’s largest product design contest,“ as said on its webpage. It is organized by Korean company SHAPL, a “fast-growing platform where products are created, chosen, and made by the participants. We want to help make designer’s dreams become reality. Everyone can be a product designer at SHAPL. Make to Like, Like to Make. Like, Make, and Sell at SHAPL. We give designers the opportunity and support to turn their designs into reality.“