Importante para o setor de pedras naturais na UE: a Comissão em Bruxelas pede às partes interessadas que apresentem suas avaliações sobre a planejada Proteção das Indicações Geográficas

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Tal proteção proibiria a importação de produtos de pedra sob nomes falsos / O prazo limite é 22 de julho de 2021

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The topic is enormously important for the natural stone sector, and now there is a new chance to push it forward in its own sense: the European Commission has called on all companies, associations, or private individuals to give their opinion on the planned EU-wide Geographical Indication Protection (GI) system for non-agricultural products.

If there were such protection, natural stones with false names (e.g. an alleged Carrara marble, which in reality comes from China or Turkey) would no longer be allowed to be brought into the EU and sold there under that name.

Almost more important, the same would apply to deliberately misnamed artificial stones!

Interested parties can express their opinion in a questionnaire on the net in the 23 languages of the EU. They must first set up an account there with their surname, first name, and e-mail address. It serves to avoid abuse as well as to interrupt the procedure and continue later.

Deadline is July 22, 2021, 24 hours.

It is important that many people, companies, and institutions from the natural stone industry speak out. Because it is to be feared that the importers or dealers of products with false names will present all possible counter-arguments against the planned innovation.

Similar protective regulations already exist, but so far they only apply to food, such as Parma ham or Bordeaux wine. Now the question is whether this protection should also be for non-agricultural products, e.g. natural stone, which also has a strong regional connection.

The background of the Commission’s call is apparently that the discussions and expertise during the past years could not finally convince the members of the responsible Directorate General of the usefulness of such protection and that they want to see that the topic really concerns the citizens and companies, respectively.

Recently, we had reported about the issue and íts current state.

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