Call for 11 international artists for the 2nd Northern Aegean Gömeç Sculpture Symposium to be held from May 09 – June 10, 2022 in the Marmara region, Turkey

Poster of the symposium.

What: 2nd Northern Aegean Gömeç Sculpture Symposium

Where: municipality of Gömeç, 150 km north of Izmir in the Marmara region (Balıkesir Province), Turkey

When: May 09 – June 10, 2022

Participants: 11 artists (and 2 Turkish students as assistants plus 1 artist assigned by Gömeç Municipality Presidency)

* The artists who finish their work in the given time will be paid 25,000 Turkish Lira each (approximately 2,500 US-$): 5,000 TL will be paid during the first 5 days of the event, 20,000 TL cash on the last day).
* The finished works are property of the municipality. They will be placed in the underwater museum sculpture park prepared by Gömeç Municipality.
* The organizers pay for accommodation and transport to the venue plus breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
* The participants have to organize their travel; artists from abroad get are supported with 2,000 TL, artists from Turkey with 1,250 TL.
* about 3 m³ of white Marmara marble per artist are provided by the organizer.

Theme: “Aeneas‘ Route (from Ida to Rome)”

Application deadline: March 25, 2022

Entry fee: none

Procedure: The artists work outdoors and allow visitors to watch them work. Artists must bring with their own electrical and small hand tools and their consumables. They will be provided with 220W electricity, extension cable, canopy as well as a crane and hammer drill in the symposium area.

Background: The aim of the symposium is to bring qualified contemporary artworks and artists to Gömeç, to contribute to the creation of the submarine sculpture museum and to promote the municipality as an international platform, as said in the information. The event is organized by curators Özlem ŞENGÖNÜL and Hakan ŞENGÖNÜL under the leadership of the municipality.

Download information and application form

In case internet problems occur, please send a mail to Hakan ŞENGÖNÜL or use his Whatsapp number +90 535 441 41 97