Latest news: 3 artists from France and other countries may apply for the 2nd Symposium of Monumental Sculptures to be held in the Bretagne (Brittany) in May / June 2022

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Participants will create works for a walking trail / Royalty of €3000 per person / Openness for talks with visitors is a must

What: 2nd Symposium of Monumental Sculptures

Where: Saint Senoux (35), Bretagne, France, south of Rennes. St. Senoux has about 1800 inhabitants.

When: May 30 to June 19, 2022

Who may apply: French or foreign artists, without age limit, who can communicate in French and/or English language and have a driving license for light vehicles valid for France.

Theme: “Lien et équilibre en Vallons et Vilaine“ (Link and balance in Vallons et Vilaine)

* the participants will create their works in public under covered shelter at any weather; the organizer provides the material for the work quantified by the participant; tools must be brought with;
* the artists are expected to be interested in communication with visitors and also in a cultural program (meetings with school-kids etc) which will occupy 25% of their time;
* the finished works will be the possession of the organizers and will be permanently installed along the river;
* the choice of material as well as the format of the works is open but must be “monumental“ and conceived for outdoor installation (“assembly, accumulation and suspension is possible,“ as said in the information).

* each participant will be paid €3000, including travel expenses;
* accommodation in single rooms will be provided;
* the organizer will pay a daily lunch plus €250 for additional food expenses. During the weekends, the participants will be invited by members of the organizing association.

Application deadline: February 15, 2022, 12:00 a.m. (French time)

Application fee: none

Objectives of the symposium:
* make the Vilaine river valley an attractive site with 15 artworks to be created in symposiums during 4 years. Two such sculptures (by Nathalie Piel, metal, and Jak Dumas, granite, respectively) have already been created. In the end, the works will link several communities along the river;
* promote the art of sculpting in a public event;
* promote the participating artists.

Organizer: Les Ptits LézArts (Lézarts des Vallons) association (French)

Download application form (only in French)

Two works from the first symposium by Nathalie Piel, metal, and Jak Dumas, granite. Photos: Les P’tits LézArtsRiver bench where the works will be installed.

(05.01.2022, USA: 05.2022)