Six international sculptors may participate in the 3rd International Symposium of Monumental Sculpture in Black Marble from 0ctober 02 to 07, 2022, in Calatorao near Saragossa, Spain

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What: 3rd International Symposium of Monumental Sculpture in Black Marble

Where: Calatorao near Saragossa, Spain

Who: Six sculptors, no groups, from around the world will be invited to realize their artworks at the Calatorao Symposium. Only one idea and entry is allowed per person.

* 800 € royalty plus accommodation and sustenance from September 30 to October 08, 2022. Travel is at the expense of the participants, transportation will be paid from Saragossa to Calatorao.
* In addition, two Honorable Mentions will be awarded without prize money, one from the jury and one from the audience.
* After the event, ownership as well as rights to intellectual property will revert to Calatorao ́s Town Hall collection and will be displayed at the outdoor Calatorao ́s Stone Museum.
* Participants must bring their own tools.

Material: Calatorao black marble. For each participant, the organizers provide a piece of stone of 0,50 m³ and 1,5 m length. Artists may integrate 2 other elements into their work, e.g. strings, which may only play a secondary role in the artwork.

Application deadline: July 04, 2022

Application: Interested sculptors are asked to submit the idea for a new work in Spanish or English via e-mail. The application must comprise an artistic CV, drafts of the planned work (dimensions and profile) plus 5 photos of former marble or stone works.

Application fee: none

Symposium: During the first three days, the artists work in nearby quarries to give their work the raw form. Then the symposium will move to the village center, where visitors and guests can accompany the artists at work.

Theme: free

Organizer: Marcal, Calatorao ́s marble association, holds the event to promote its stone, to foster the region’s artistic and cultural development and its Calatorao Stone Museum.

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