Six international sculptors will be chosen to participate in the 22nd Prokonessos Sculpture Symposium to be held on Turkey’s Marmara island from August 22 to September 09, 2022 (application deadline July 08)

Symposium poster.

What: 22nd International Prokonessos Sculpture Symposium

Where: Marmara island Saraylar region, Turkey

Who: Six sculptors from around the world will be invited to realize their works of art at the Prokonessos Sculpture Symposium during a one-month time span. One entry per person will be considered

* A total of 25.000 TL (1250 €) will be paid for each artist who completes the work in the given space and time;
* a purse of 2000 TL (approx. 125 Euro) will be paid toward travel expenses to artists from abroad. 1500 TL (approx. 95 Euro) for Turkish participants;
* Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and accommodation will be provided;
* Artists will be provided with a block of stone approx. 3 m3. The artist must specify the marble that is needed to create the work and, if present, the base scale and the equipment needed for the installation in the application file;
* The works will be the property – including intellectual ownership – of Marmara Adalar Municipality; They will be placed in the sculpture park of the Marmara Island open-air museum by the Marmara Adalar Municipality and in places determined by the Symposium Committee and Marmara Adalar Municipality;
* Participants must bring their own tools;
* 220V outlet, extension cord, crane, hilt, and compressor will be provided.

Theme of the Symposium: Marmara island cultural values Functional sculptures related to the city are requested. Selected sculptures will be placed in the open air museum of Marmara island.

Application deadline: July 08, 2022, 00.00 hours.

Applications must include (not exceeding 1.5 MB in total):
* Application form. Download: (English, Turkish)
Dear readers, if you have a problem with the download, please do not contact us. Sorry, we cannot solve your computer or internet problems. Instead, please use your neighbors’ or friends’ devices for the download.
* A resume with a photo in English or Turkish, not exceeding 250 words, in which the artist describes the 10 most important events he attended.
* Visual document in .jpeg format, introducing the five works performed by the artist.
* The drawing of the work that the artist will perform at the symposium from different angles, model photographs, montage scheme, and any additional materials to be used in the sculpture. A brief description of the work in English or in Turkish may be included in the file.
* Only applications made by e-mail will be accepted.