Six sculptors – three from abroad and three from Turkey – will be chosen to participate in the 27th International Wooden Sculpture Symposium, to be held from July 19 to August 06, 2022, near Gölcük, Turkey

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What: 27th International Değirmendere Zühtü Müridoğlu Wooden Sculpture Symposium

Where: Değirmendere Çınarlık Square, near Gölcük, Turkey

When: July 19 to August 06, 2022

Who: six sculptors – three from abroad and three from Turkey will be invited to participate in this wood carving symposium

* 16,000 ₤ (1050 €) to chosen participants from Europe
* 18,000 ₤ (1130 €) to chosen participants from transcontinental countries
* 15,000 ₤ (950 €) to chosen participants from Turkey
* Accommodation expenses including lunch and dinner and the transfer from the airport to Değirmendere will be provided
* Participants will have to pay their travel expense
* The intellectual property of the works will revert to the Gölcük Municipality. The works cannot be sold or donated for any reason

Symposium procedure:
* Artists will provide their own tools auxiliary equipment
* 220V outlet and extension will be provided as well as technical support such as cutting and and milling of tree trunks
* Chestnut or linden will be provided
* Artists must have their own health insurance. No obligation will ensue for moral compensation or accident during the symposium

Theme: site-specific and/or historical sculptures relating to the environment and proximity of Değirmendere.

Applications must include
* The artist’s resume
* The artist’s own photograph
* Visual documentation of the artist’s previous five works in .jpeg format
Introductory images containing the artist’s work in .jpeg or .tiff format in 3500 x 2400 pixels, 300DPI resolution
* Model images, description plan, size and technical detailed explanation and materials of the artwork

Application deadline: June 10, 2022

Application form / More information