10 stone sculptors will be chosen to take part in the 3rd Neopolis Sculpture Symposium in Kuşadası south of Izmir, to be held from September 26th to November 3rd, 2022 (application deadline is August 15th, 2022)

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What: 3rd International Neopolis Sculpture Symposium

Where: municipality of Kuşadası, about 95 km south of Izmir at the Aegean coast of Turkeon

When: September 26th to November 3rd, 2022

Participants: 10 international and Turkish stone sculptors

Remuneration: The artists who finish their works will be paid 30,000 Turkish Lira each (approximately 2000 US-$), including taxes. The finished works become the property of the municipality. This includes the intellectual property rights.
The organizers will pay for accommodation, breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
The transportation fee for artists from abroad is 2000 Turkish Lira or 1250 Turkish Lira for artists from Turkey, respectively. Each artist will be responsible to obtain his/her own flight tickets.

Material: a maximum of 3 m³ of white Marmara marble per artist provided by the organizers

Theme: “Music”

Application deadline: August 15th, 2022

Application fee: none

Procedure: The artists work outdoors in a public space in view of visitors.
Artists must bring with their own electrical and small hand tools and their consumables. They will be provided with 220W electricity, extension cable, canopy as well as a crane and hammer drill in the symposium area.

Background: The purpose of the symposium is to bring qualified contemporary art pieces to Kuşadası, to contribute to the transformation of the municipality into an open-air sculpture museum, and to promote it as a venue of international art. Artists must provide the following with their application:
* The artist’s resumé
* The artist’s own photograph
* Visual documentation of the artist’s previous five works in .jpeg format
* Introductory images containing the artist’s work in .jpeg or .tiff format in 3500 x 2400 pixels, 300DPI resolution
* Model images, description plan, size and technical detailed explanation and materials of the artwork.

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