On our own behalf: Every Saturday, we invite our readers to have a look into our archive. See the left column of the webpage

The fact that the members of the stone sector have been firstly very attentive and secondly very fast is now also reflected by the topics of our web page‘s left column. Photo: Katrin Speicher

It is now more than 15 years since Stone-Ideas.com published its first issue. Meanwhile, in our archives, we have collected a lot of once groundbreaking topics which may still give inspiration today.

Therefore, we gave the column at the left of the web page a new function: each week on Saturday, it shows a snapshot of topics once published in our sections of ARCHITECTURE, DESIGN, MARKETING/MARKETS, and ART.

Yet the two first rubrics are exceptions to this rule:

* The first section OUR PARTNERS REPORT lists topics in the current issues of other stone magazines from around the world,

* the second OUR STONE FINDER shows recent entries in our database for stone search.

Browse and enjoy what once moved the stone sector or what is discussed elsewhere today.

(02.07.2022, USA: 07.02.2022)