Budri opens new dimensions to the use of natural stone remnants with its new “Fragment“ collection

Budri, Gwenael Nicolas: “Fragment“.Budri, Gwenael Nicolas: “Fragment“.

With the patented technology Budri SLIM can produce low-weight, narrow objects

“Fragment“ is the name of the new collection of the Italian company Budri, which has traditionally produced innovative uses of natural stone every few years. The name says it all, and it continues a theme that the creatives, technicians, and stone experts at the company, based in Mirandola in Emilia-Romagna, have been grappling with for several years: it is about using waste remnants deemed useless by all intents and purposes – it is about what is called waste only because of its size.

Budri had first dealt with the subject in 2011 as part of “Marmomacc Meets Design“, when designer Patricia Urquiola composed small pieces of stone into witty installations (see link below).

There had been another landmark in 2019 at the Salone del Mobile furniture fair: then, designer Gwenael Nicolas of Studio Curiosity Tokyo had assembled tiny stone snippets into new slabs for tables or walls. “Marble Natvm“ (Birth of the Stone) was the name of the collection.

Budri, Gwenael Nicolas: “Fragment“.

Now “Fragment“, again with Gwenael Nicolas, brings the previous experience with such material scraps to a (temporary) conclusion: this time it is about narrow strips of stone, long but thin. The technology for stabilizing and processing these material remnants has now been patented. The products are registered as Budri SLIM Marble and Budri SLIM System as a provisional trademark TM.

“SLIM” stands for Sustainable Light Innovative Marble.

We must point out one particular aspect of this upcycling: what Budri has also achieved with this innovation is that the waste pieces at least in one quality stand out above the original material because they are light, which natural stone normally is not: one square meter of the SLIM material weighs 12 kg, while normal marble weighs around 60 kg accordingly (calculated for a standard thickness of 2 cm).

The collection includes tables of many sizes and heights with feet made of reflective metal. There is also a console.

Budri, Gwenael Nicolas: “Fragment“.

The fact that the collection also includes vases and a floor lamp is probably because round shapes are easily composed of stripes. The chandelier above the large dining table and the self-supporting wall panels are also part of it.

The objects are possible in many stones and consequently color variations. They can also be used to produce coverings for floors, ceilings, and walls. Ideas for the contract and retail division are to be presented in the fall of 2022.

Throw nothing away, recycle everything, is the guideline that Budri is setting for the stone sector. That sounds absurd, but it is just the concept according to which nature works, for example in the cycle of rocks.


Photos: Budri / Peter Becker

Budri, Gwenael Nicolas: “Fragment“.Budri, Showroom Milan.

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