Marble DANAE NEON, a very elegant white stone with soft or deeper diagonal or wavy veins, from Greek HMG (Hellenic Marble Group)

Danae Neon from HMG (Hellenic Marble Group).

Name: Danae Neon

Stone Type: Marble

Color: white background with soft or deeper diagonal or wavy veins

Quarry location: in the area of Granitis, near the city of Drama, Northern Greece, at an altitude of 889 meters. Quarrying operations started in 2016 after an extensive research program, with an annual production of 100,000 tons in marble blocks, which will increase yearly.

Danae Neon from HMG (Hellenic Marble Group).

Peculiarities of the stone: An exclusive fine-grained architectural marble suitable for a large variety of decorative applications

Application: interior, exterior, high end, flooring, cladding, big scale

Finishes: polished, honed

Frost resistant: yes

Danae Neon from HMG (Hellenic Marble Group).

Company: HMG (Hellenic Marble Group) owns 4 quarries in the area of Drama. It is led by Ioannis Birros, founder of Pirgon quarry, one of the largest and the most successful white marble quarries in the world. HMG’s headquarter and factory have an area of 30,000 m².
All in all, the group quarries more than 20 different types of white marbles. They are organized into 4 categories named after Gods of the Greek Antiquity: Danae (Mother of Perseus and lover of Zeus), Hermes (Messenger and also God of tradespeople, travelers or thieves), Ares (God of war), Dias (Son of Pelops and Hippodameia). All 4 quarries together have a capacity of 160,000 tons per year.
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Contact: Hellenic Marble Group (HMG), 6 km Drama-Kavala, Drama, Greece
T: +30 25210 43, (directly: +30 25210 43119),

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Danae Neon from HMG (Hellenic Marble Group).

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