Application open for the 4th Tuwaiq International Sculpture Symposium in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for 30 sculptors to publicly create a stonework for a royalty of approx. US-$ 10,000 each

Symposium poster.

Update: new deadline for applications (see below)

What: 4th Tuwaiq International Sculpture Symposium

Where: JAX District creative hub, a suburb of Riyadh, capital of Saudi Arabia

When: January 08 to February 10, 2023

Who may apply: 30 stone sculptors from Saudi Arabia and worldwide. Applicants must have at least five years of experience in sculpting and exhibiting works permanently or temporarily in outdoor spaces and galleries.

Theme: “Energy of Harmony”

* Artists will work in public and will participate in the public engagement program, including panel talks, press activities, and more.
* They are expected to travel to Riyadh on January 04 and leave Riyadh on February 10, 2023.
* After the symposium, a five-day exhibition (February 05 – 10, 2023) with the sculptures will be held. Later, all finished works will be permanently installed in Qasr Al-Hukm District in the heart of Riyadh city. They will become the property of the Royal Commission for Riyadh City (RCRC).
* Each artist will be supplied with approximately six m³ of granite (color: salmon) or two m³ of White Riyadh Stone (sandstone) both originating from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The stone is to be used for both the sculpture and the base. Artists working in sandstone are to create the base for their sculpture in granite and specify its dimensions.
* Application: Artists may submit proposals only for new, original works being either one sculpture (either in granite or in sandstone) or two (one in granite and one in sandstone).
* Several tools and equipment will be provided by the organizer. For additional tools and/or equipment, the Artists themselves are responsible. Onsite, each participant will have a professional assistant during the symposium.

* Each participant who finishes the work will be paid SAR 37,500 (approx. 10,000 US-$).
* The organizer pays for the travel roundtrip (economy flight), visa, ground transportation from and to the airport as well as between the hotel and the symposium site, hotel accommodation, food, and beverages (three meals a day).
*Unlike last year, there will be no awards or prizes in this issue of the event.

Application deadline NEW: September 25, 2022, 23:55 GMT

Application fee: none

Background: The Tuwaiq International Sculpture Symposium is part of Riyadh Art, one of the most significant public art projects undertaken in the world today. Since its first issue in 2019, the symposium has engaged over 60 internationally renowned sculptors and thousands of visitors. The event‘s aim is to promote new dialogues in line with Riyadh Art’s vision and create cultural platforms where local and international artists meet and collaborate, effectively contributing to the enrichment of the cultural scene in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Part of the symposium is a vast array of workshops, school visits, and panel discussions held by local and international speakers in line with the artistic and cultural framework of the program. The symposium‘s name comes from the Tuwaiq Mountain (Jabal Tuwaiq), an extensive formation of natural rock and cliffs extending over 800 km in the country.

Open Call for Artists

Riyadh Art

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