Trade Fairs: „Design in the Streets“

(December 2010) Many a visitor might have asked himself what was going on in Bologna. Strewn about the city centre were glass cubes exhibiting bathroom accessories or tiled wall segments. This was part of the Cersaie Trade Fair (held from September 28th to October 2nd) under the motto „Design in the Streets“.

This leading trade fair of Ceramics for Architecture and bathroom furnishings offers a supporting congress program for its target group, unexpected for a ceramics fair: main speaker was the American star architect David M. Childs – themes of the seminars and discussion sessions were the likes of Urban Human Rights or „Building, Living, Thinking“.

The Trade Organization Confindustria Ceramica launched its campaign „Ceramic Tiles of Italy – Creativity Unlimited“. Let us illuminate two of its campaigns: the company and product catalogue comprises a search function with the help of which its contents can be filtered to find tiles, designers or even a certain type of pattern; The video „The Cities of Othello“ shows examples of famous ceramics from around the world.

Although the overall number of visitors was roughly the same as last year, there were a great number more international attendees, a fact that the fair’s organizers put down to last years main speaker. And whereas the overall number of exhibitors was smaller than at last year’s fair, there was a substantial increase in foreign exhibitors. For facts and figures see the statistics in the table at the end of our photo gallery.


Italian branch product catalogue