New funding from the Düsseldorf Art Commission for art in public space

Düsseldorf Art Commission‘s webpage.

Local as well as internationally active artists are called upon to develop experimental and temporary concepts for the urban space of Düsseldorf

Format: stadt.raum.experimente. Promotion of contemporary art in public spaces.

What: The Düsseldorf Art Commission is looking for contributions that help to shape the urban identity of the state capital Düsseldorf and its districts. The art contributions must be implemented in freely accessible public spaces. They should be barrier-free. “Whether installation, performance or participation: stadt.raum.experimente is open to unusual forms and experimental ideas,“ as said on the webpage. Only temporary projects are possible.

Where: Düsseldorf, capital of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany

How: Artistic projects in public space are funded that reflect the state and processes of change in the city and actively help shape future developments, for example, with regard to sustainable aspects. Socially relevant topics can be taken up in the projects.

Who may enter a project: local as well as internationally active artists, groups of artists or non-profit associations.

Budget: Selected projects are funded with a maximum of €60,000 (gross). Co-funding is permitted. The specific conditions will be agreed upon between the city and the selected artists.

Deadline for entries: October 15, 2022

Entry fee: none

stadt.raum.experimente (English at the bottom of the webpage)

(08.09.2022, USA: 09.08.2022)