Design: Imaging marble as „young and modern“

(January 2011) „We want to give marble a new, young and modern image as a creative material“, says Gabriella Farinon explaining the concept behind Kreoo. Kreoo is Decormarmi’s new brand aimed at attracting a market for „the young design-eccentric consumer“, according to the member of the business management.

Decormarmi is a Chiampo-Valley-based family enterprise situated on the southern rim of the Italian Alps. Thanks to its exclusive projects it has won world renown. A web-page shows but some of the exclusive projects realized since its founding in 1962.

And now this: „young and modern“. But that’s not all: „A marble product can upgrade any household – marble is not merely a building material for the fabulously wealthy.“

Note: with Kreoo, Decormarmi is by no means on its way down the Ikea-Class of student furnishing. Customers with the necessary small change are still the focus of attention as demonstrated by the ideas and design giving the impression of exclusive designer pieces for individualists.

E.g. the unusual seating „Pavé“, born of the idea that people not only enjoy decorating but also redecorating their homes: designer Enzo Berti conceived the pieces as a wooden pebble on a marble base (various types of marble are used) – the elements being interchangeable free for new combinations.

That is, admittedly, a bit avant-guard. The table „Console“ by the same designer is, in contrast, strictly classical as is the seating and the side-table „Pedina“ and „Torre“. Sinks come in a variety of designs, e.g. the „Nabhi-collection“ integrated by its common use of stone with individualistic shapes.

This is also true of the over-sized wall and floor tiles 60 x 60 cm and 80 x 80 cm, respectively, available in a variety of stone. „Picto“ made of two layers of stone by designer Raffaello Galiotto is such a case in point.

But getting the client interested in decorating presupposes that he is aware of his own potential. No sooner said than done: Gabriella Farinon reaches for a stack of cardboard flash-cards bearing the tile pattern „Motion“. With the help of these, clients can play with design and create their own wall concept.

Gabriella Farinon’s marketing concept in a nut-shell: „Telling the customer what can be built with stone is no real help – we have to show him.“ Customer service goes way beyond merely handing pieces over the store counter. So Kreoo also presents design concepts beyond stone incorporating, e.g. fixtures. „Our clients willingly pay for this service“, she knows.

The name of the brand has its roots in the Greek word „kreion“ („The one who does and creates”). Alluding to the Greek Antique what with its simple yet perfect forms easily recreated with the help of modern technology.



Photos: Decormarmi