Markets: „Brazil takes off“

(January 2011) In the 1980’s the so-called Asian Tigers began to make an appearance on the world market and caused Western producers e.g. of media electronics to tremble in their boots. A comparable development can presently be observed in the so-called BRIC-Countries ex. Brazil, Russia, India and China. With a difference: these countries are not only producers but now also powerful consumers.

Brazil is the most highly developed of the quartet. The largest producer of natural stone in Latin America is changing its stripes and is now importing certain types of stone. Brazil is currently experiencing an unprecedented building boom, not least due to the FIFA 2014 and the Olympic Games 2016.

Our article sheds light on the potential for natural stone exporters and names the most sought after types.

In an exclusive interview Cid Chiodi Filho of Kistemann & Chiodi Consulting (Mail, Tel: +55 (0)31 3262-0275) expounds on the implementation of natural stone in Brazilian construction: „Analysis has shown the imported material was used mainly for floor heating in housing. Second most important was the use of stone for wall cladding indoors and out…“


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