APOLLO LIGHT, a brand new quartzite with tones of gray, exclusively quarried by Brazilian company Cajugram in the state of Bahia

Quartzite Apollo Light.

Name of the stone: Apollo Light

Stone type: quartzite

Color: light gray

Quarry location: Bahia

Quartzite Apollo Light.

Description of the stone: The material has light tones and smooth veining that contrast with the quartz crystals, harmonizing in classic or modern settings. Although the material has been extracted for only over a year, it has already found its place in the world of interior design.

Quartzite Apollo Light.

Peculiarities of the stone: Its composition is 95% quartz crystals making it a very dense material with a homogeneous appearance. In addition, it is very hard, with high resistance to abrasion, compression, and bending strength.

Application: indoor, outdoor, for floorings, walls, and countertops

Finishes: polished and satin finishes are most popular

Quartzite Apollo Light.

Company: Founded in 1990, Cajugram serves the national and international markets. With constant investment in machinery and quality policies, it offers a wide variety of products such as slabs, tiles, and customized materials. Sustainability and preservation of the environment are key features: The company has its own landfill for residues in accordance with official requirements, planting areas in the quarries and reforestation sites with more than 50,000 trees, and a Waste Center installed in the factory organized in partnership with the Cachoeiro de Itapemirim Ecological Pastoral Recycling project.

Contact: Mimoso do Sul/ES – Brasil
Tel: +55 (28) 3333-1900

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