Miscellaneous: ideas around natural stone

A mysterious triangle metal pilar installed in the ground was discovered during a count of bighorn sheep in a small canyon in Red Rock County, Utah

Marketing via internet: a “Digital Natural Stone Trade Delegation” from Turkish Aegean region made contacts in Vietnam

As Chinese stone imports have declined, the EMIB-association reached out for new business partners in the Far East / Coincidence with the creation of the new free trade zone RCEP

Third Re-Use Italy competition for architects, engineers, students: give the ruins of the Chiesa Diruta church new life as Concert Hall

Total Prize money of 4000 € for ideas to give back this forgotten historical building to the citizenry of Grottole in Southern Italy

Go Far East and Pacific: the new free trade zone RCEP abolishes import duties for natural stone end products between the 15 participating countries

The new economic area from China to New Zealand offers the stone industry great opportunities worldwide

Despite Covid-19: a (virtual) visit to Tullio Lombardo’s “Adam“ in New York City

The Metropolitan Museum of Art had realized an innovative restoration after the work of art had fallen down and shattered into pieces nearly 20 years ago

Italian Studio Marco Priva has designed the Huzhou Club Center in the ancient Chinese province of Zhejiang

The concept is inspired by the place, its tradition, and also its nature namely the sinuous shape of the Gingko tree leaves

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