Architecture touring the world: ten ideas for designing paths and squares with natural stone

Our examples show animals of all kinds, a bit of Crazy Paving and – of course – a lot of geometry

The Swedish Natural Stone Award 2021 went to the copy of the medieval window rosette in Linköping Cathedral with 300 hours of work by a CNC machine

The prize is awarded for work that stands out for “aesthetics, sustainability and innovation“

With the Gargash Mosque in Dubai, Saudi architect Sumaya Dabbagh has created a place of worship that breaks with many traditions

Not splendor and wealth characterize the premises for the conversation with God, but light and spirituality

Terminal T 4 at Madrid’s Barajas International Airport is one of the best-known works by Richard Rogers

Rogers, who died in December 2021, became famous for high-tech architecture, but in Madrid, he used bamboo for the ceiling and Mistral marble for the flooring

The splendor of the floor mosaic of five million small stones in Hisham’s Palace in Jericho can now be seen from above

The complex, dating from the early days of Islamic art, has been roofed over and given an elevated walkway for tourists to enjoy

Now also for students and furthermore for projects from all over Europe: submission open for the German Natural Stone Award 2022

The entry fee has been reduced to 200 €, fee for students / Submissions in German language only

The village of Kaisten on the Swiss Upper Rhine has a branch of the Raiffeisenbank in which natural stone is used effectively and yet modestly

In the customer foyer, a counter stands succinctly in the room like a kitchen island, giving it the expression of intrinsic value and down-to-earthness

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