SuperHink Natural Stone Award 2023 of the Swiss Association Pro Naturstein: Photo gallery

The prize was awarded for the 2nd time and honors the outstanding use of stone in architecture and landscaping by Swiss companies

Large-format crust slabs of Rorschach sandstone as privacy screens

At the Swiss SuperHink Prize 2023, a work by Stefan Marti Garten AG was awarded 1st prize in the category of garden and landscape architecture

Ana Maria Negară takes up the ancient symbols of humanity in her sculptures

The Romanian sculptor uses the labyrinth, the spiral, the hexagon and more, showing the questions of meaning, time, transcendence…

The Spanish Premios Macael were bestowed for the 35th time

The award recognizes buildings from all over the world that have used natural and engineered stone from companies in Andalusia

The Centro de Cultura Ambiental Chapultepec (Chapultepec Center for Environmental Culture) in Mexico City recreates the rim of a volcanic crater

The goal of the architects of Erre Q Erre was to integrate the new facility into the existing natural landscape

The architects of Karavan Landskapsarkitekter have transformed the pedestrian zone in Uppsala, Sweden, into a place to linger lined with a stone pavement

The pattern of granite ashlars creates an air of turbulence so pedestrians will notice without walking past

Notre-Dame de Paris detaches step by step from the supporting structures 4 years after the inferno

In the months since December 2022, the first vault and the substructure for the crossing tower La Flèche have been restored

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