Architecture: Trapezoids and rectangles on glass

(January 2012) Architects of Prague’s Amazon Court played with geometric shapes defining the façade structure in various stone claddings

Architecture: meeting places for citizens (2)

(January 2012) Designing of public spaces in natural stone in Norway and Great Britain. A look back at times when stone served as ballast in seafaring ships is Australia

Architecture: Caucasian towers, a house of worship in India, a Spanish tannery and more

(December 2011) Once again Marmomacc was host to the International Award Architecture in Stone, presenting contemporary and historic projects from around the world

Architecture: Sensational sandstone and glass façade

(December 2011) Antwerp’s new Museum aan de Strom brings new life to the city’s historic harbour district

Architecture: magical lines and rough stone

(November 2011) In the Spanish pilgrimage site of Santiago de Compostela, the Cidade da Cultura was erected as a cultural centre for Galicia and all of Europe. Architect Peter Eisenman used natural stone in an unusual way

Architecture: To be a bouquet of flowers would be the life

(October 2011) Buenos Aires’ „Casa Carrara“ is built all in white and at right angles – but with some strong accents in natural stone

Architecture: Ideas for the fifth front

(September 2011) Examples of roof tiling in natural stone from Norway, Switzerland and Germany. A ceramic roof from Japan

Architecture: Winery with traditional appearance

(September 2011) The award for the first Hungarian competition dedicated to building with natural stone went to a building in the Tokaj region

Architecture: drakes on the slate roof

(September 2011) A one family house in Germany looks like from an old fairytale

Architecture: a house with many eyes overlooking the landscape

(August 2011) An innovative building in one of Italy mountain towns has an extravagant façade made of reclaimed natural stone

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