Architecture: Distinction not only for the Marble Opera house

(October 2009) The Marmomacc prize for architectural distinction awarded for projects around the world

Architecture: Stone „curtains“

(October 2009) The facade of the University of Fine Arts in Versailles stirs curiosity for what might be going on behind it

Architecture: Building in and on cliffs

(October 2009) Examples of spectacular cliff-hanger homes in Peru, Mexico and Switzerland

Architecture: Decorative ornaments for facades

(October 2009) The „Wallcladding Concept” offers a wide array of design possibilities for landlords and architects alike

Pentagon Memorial: 9/11 without Heroism

(September 2009) The memorial commemorating the airplane attack of the Pentagon celebrates shock and the enormity of the event

Architecture: Stone Lego-block walls for climate control

(August 2009) Massive stone buildings afford numerous possibilities for sustainable, energy-saving construction

Architecture: Cobblestone black and white

(August 2009) Austrian town expounds its past in black and white stripes in market-place pavement

Architecture: Boulders support the roof

(July 2009) Restaurant in a city-park of Santiago de Chile bridges the exterior with the interior with natural stone blocks

Architecture: Mosque Globally Unmatched

(June 2009) The Sheik Zayed Lord’s house in Abu Dhabi is a miracle in oriental splendor with natural stone

Architecture: Playing with the raw block

(April 2009) French planer designs a wall of contrasts with alternating lines and light

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