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A magnificent mosaic in the Lateran Basilica in Rome was the model for the floor in a villa in Ukraine

The Italian company Athena Marmi, located not far from Verona, made the puzzle with different types of marble in many colors and shapes

A complex of 3 trulli in southern Italy has been rebuilt as a modern vacation home with stylish additions

An example of trulli restoration and modernization is “La Cipressa“ in Apulia, southern Italy

Roman stonemasonry at its finest: a villa in the ancient cosmopolitan city of Ephesos displayed marble on its walls up to a height of 6 m

Geoarchaeology Professor Cees Passchier of the University of Mainz, Germany, together with colleagues, has reconstructed the decoration and made some surprising discoveries

Why the Roman stonemasons changed the order of the slabs in the marble bookmatch in a villa in Ephesus

Research by geoarchaeology Professor Cees Passchier of the University of Mainz, Germany, together with colleagues

The mega project Berlin Palace was a special opportunity and challenge for the German natural stone sector

It offered the opportunity not only to present the material exclusively, but also the possibilities of modern machines from 3D scanners to CNC wire saws

In the course of the current trend to upgrade homes, there are also many opportunities for natural stone in the outdoor sector

Fields of action are kitchen, barbecue, patio and porch or mashrabiyas for natural temperature regulation

Spanish Rosal Stones had a life cycle assessment drawn up for its Albamiel limestone and thus landed a hefty order in Paris, 1000 km away

The example shows that investments in product data are worthwhile and that natural stone does not lose its sustainability even when transported over medium distances

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