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Bathroom design with Zebrino Gold, a marble with straight lines and colorful stripes

One of the peculiarities of this natural stone is also that it can be obtained in slabs of maximum length 310 cm x width 90 cm

For the time after Covid-19: the Mausoleum of Augustus in Rome is open to visitors again

The huge circular building with a diameter of 90 meters was once covered with marble and travertine, of which, however, nothing has been preserved

Modern construction with natural stone: a “Floating Stair“ in a historic private home in Toronto, Canada

PICCO Engineering placed 19 solid stone steps on top of each other and pulled 3 live steel cables through them to hold them together

A bathroom reflecting the landlord’s love of high-quality hotel suites

Interior designers Lewis Knox used natural stone and classic-style bathroomware with fixtures and fittings from Drummonds

On the Reiserberg not far from Kaiserslautern in Germany there is a walk-in sundial with 12 obelisks made of the local sandstone

The project brings together numerous local features and offers something with which the citizens can identify as well as economic perspectives

The new extension for the Kunsthaus Zürich is clear and simple on the outside, but surprisingly diverse on the inside

David Chipperfield’s architects used a variety of natural stones on the facades and floors to create diverse references to the surroundings

News from the Calçada Portuguesa: a book shows art with the individual stones and a film gives a bird’s eye view of the paved squares in Lisbon

The initiative from the Portuguese capital to make the cobblestones a cultural heritage of humanity has made little or no real progress

The Summit Visitor Center at “America’s Mountain” Pikes Peak is expected to open in early summer

The buildings with a spectacular view at 14,115 feet mimic the pink granite that formed the National Historic Landmark in the Rocky Mountains

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