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Austrian stonemasons‘ design award for innovative design ideas in natural stone indoors and out

The title alone is the reward which the shop is entitled to use for its own advertising for the duration of one year

Saddle-shaped „Hyparwall”-Elements for walls, towers and façades

Implementation for small stone-meal blocks with ingredients

Centre Spirituel et Culturel Orthodoxe Russe in Paris

The Cathedral’s limestone façade shows the path leading from earthly existence to the golden gates of Paradise

Italian Palazzo with modern limestone façade

Architects at MYGG play with materials like stone, glass and metal as others would play a musical instrument

7 Bryant Park, Manhattan: Corporate Architecture with an hourglass, limestone, marble and granite

Luxurious building complex by Pei Cobb Freed & Partners, Architects use the hourglass as a leitmotif and were rewarded with a Tucker Design Award

Slate akin to a river of molten lava, pressed up a wall and continuing to flow along the ceiling

Stroili Stone conjured up something special for its Vienna showroom – a mise-en-scène in natural stone

3D-Printing with stone slurry: „Stone on Demand“ offers many new possibilities for the marble branch

Recycling waste from stone production / The stone branch should be weary not to miss the bandwagon as in the case of engineered stone

Hermana República: In the restaurant behind the gabions craft beer is served

The unobtrusive Merida-based building in Yucatán’s capital makes numerous references to its surroundings

Foster + Partners’ win competition for a new luxury hotel in Makkah looking at the Holy Kaaba

The design follows a philosophy of ‚luxury with humility’ with an understated elegance throughout the development, says one of the architects

Natural-stone-concrete-sandwich provides maximum structural integrity at minimum costs

Swiss-based Futurafrosch in cooperation with sandstone company Bärlocher and other partners has developed new technology

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