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Architecture: Mediterranean Repertoire with Ocean View

(April 2010) Turkish architects are constructing a residential complex with a spectacular view in Bodrum on the shores of the Mediterranean Ocean

Architecture: „Quarry in the Facade“

(March 2010) Danish Architects are building lawyers’ head office worth seeing in Copenhagen

Architecture: Wall with marble „fins”

(February 2010) Prize for stone-related architecture awarded for the first time in India

Architecture: Black as coal

(February 2010) Spanish architects clad building in mining region in slate

Architecture: Mobile housing

(February 2010) Portuguese company builds mobile weekend homes with stone siding

Architecture: Sedimentary skyscraper

(January 2010) The balconies of Chicago’s Aqua Tower reflect the layers of limestone sedimentary rock

Architecture: Decor for the famous Rotation-Experiment

(December 2009) US Prism Awards for a stone inlay under a Foucault Pendulum

Architecture: „Allusion to raw material“

(December 2009) Canadian mining company designs drill-core office walls

Architecture: Distinction not only for the Marble Opera house

(October 2009) The Marmomacc prize for architectural distinction awarded for projects around the world

Architecture: Stone „curtains“

(October 2009) The facade of the University of Fine Arts in Versailles stirs curiosity for what might be going on behind it

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