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Architecture: meeting places for citizens (1)

(August 2011) Designing public spaces in natural stone: some examples from the UK, Norway, and Germany

Architecture: Pineapples behind a stone facade

(July 2011) The Frutigen palm house in the Swiss Alps produces tropical fruits using tempered mountain water

Architecture: Facelift in natural stone

(July 2011) The British city of Liverpool is often only recognized abroad as home to the Beatles. Now the city’s harbour district has been given a remarkable new look. In its centre: a museum

Architecture: Distinction for „outstanding design“

(July 2011) German Natural Stone Award presented at Stone+tec 2011

Architecture: Cowering before the forces of nature

(July 2011) Portuguese architects plan a science and research centre on the Azorean archipelago

Architecture: Invitation to linger indoors and outdoors

(June 2011) Local travertine implemented in Kodály Centre in Pécs in Hungary

Architecture: Grooves for more adhesion

(June 2011) German company develops pavement for major traffic exposure

Architecture: „Experimental Buildings“, Paving and Design Ideas

(May 2011) French architecture award for building with natural stone

Architecture: Top Marks for Energy Balance

(May 2011) Massive stone housing is being developed in France promising low CO2 emission during construction and later use as a dwelling. Facts and figures to one project and its surprisingly low building costs are now available

Architecture: Stadium in abandoned quarry

(May 2011) This year’s Pritzker-Prize award winner Eduardo Souto de Moura built the football Arena in the Portuguese city of Braga

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