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Architecture: Flying carpets

(March 2011) French company develops aluminium honeycombs with stone which can be flexed

Architecture: … and they lived happily ever after

(March 2011) Croatian examples of modern architecture using local material in endemic forms

Architecture: Ideas for walls, facades and ground surfaces (3)

(March 2011) Building with natural stone: a former farmhouse in Switzerland, a document centre in Berlin, a luxury hotel in London and a university institute in the Netherlands

Architecture: stone in motion

(February 2011) German company develops pivoting lamellae for facades or room dividers

Architecture: Award-winning design formations from around the world

(February 2011) An overview of 2010 awards for building with natural stone. Our focus this time is on the U.S.A. Tucker Design Awards

Architecture: Nooks and crannies in slate

(January 2011) Luxury dwellings in Estonia’s capital Tallinn

Architecture/Design: Touch-stones for hand and foot

(December 2010) Every stone trade fair experiences it time and again: A stone that is aesthetically pleasing almost magnetically attracts beholders to touch it. Could the stone branch make use of this property?

Architecture: Colourful as life itself

(December 2010) Ongoing construction of Barcelona’s Sagrada Família for over one century

Architecture: unmistakably Scandinavia

(November 2010) The Scandinavian Golf Club Complex in Denmark’s Farum combines golden pine with gold-veined slate

Architecture: Ideas for walls and façades (2)

(October 2010) From the layered-look of Japan’s Mille-Feuille-House to a museum in Norway – a look at building exteriors is worth the while

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