Euroroc News (2/16): new definitions for 25.15, 25.16 etc; Crystalline Silica; Smart CE-marking

Latest news about important topics for the stone sector which are being discussed in Brussels

Learning the ropes of laying a stone floor or cladding walls in stone

The EU has financed learning modules for aspiring stonemasons / Invitation to download and translate also for other countries

Exposure to crystalline silica: US office for occupational health releases new rules

Stone Associations call companies „to contact their legislative representatives immediately“

Euroroc News (1/16): Emotions as a tool to promote natural stone

Professor Gerd Merke, General Secretary: Stone sector should point out that its material is „true, native and 100% natural“

Finding exploitable natural stone with the aid of ground radar and modern data analysis

The new European Community Project Sustamining is all about making modern geological technology available to small enterprises in the stone branch

Euroroc members discussed Cristalline Silica, Geographical Indications, Ethical trading

At Marmomacc delegates of Europe’s stone associations exchanged information about latest challenges for the industry

Hydrasplit: high-pressure water jets split raw stone blocks

European consortium, with the help of European funding, develops new methods of working raw natural stone

Focus: „Communication inside and out“

Interview with Euroroc’s new President Tobias Eckardt of the Swiss Natural Stone Trade Organization (Naturstein-Verband Schweiz NVS)

EPD: A certification as proof of natural stone’s strength

The new Environmental Product Declaration allows effective and direct ecological comparison of various building materials

„TAFTA (TTIP) would have some positive effects for stone companies but no big impact“

(August 2013) Interview with Dr. Stefano Ghirardi from Confindustria Marmomacchine about the effects of a Free Trade Agreement between the EU and the US for the stone sector