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Miscellaneous: ideas around natural stone

China has landed a rover on Mars with scientific instruments to get information about the planet’s geological structure

Miscellaneous: ideas around natural stone

The Empire State Building has turned 90 years old. Perhaps still the most spectacular of New York City’s many icons it was opened on May 1, 1931

Polycor Announces Plans to be Carbon Neutral by 2025

The Canada based stone company “aims to revolutionize the manufacturing industry with leadership on decarbonization“

Miscellaneous: ideas around natural stone

Stripes of light granite structure the main street in the Swiss town of Liestal, whose redesign was awarded the main Flaneur d’Or prize by the Initiative Fussverkehr (Pedestrian Trafic).

EU program “Mine.The.Gap“: Promotion of innovation in the raw materials industry, including the natural stone sector

Until 08 May, 2021, interested companies can submit “solutions for a more digital, greener, and circular mining value chain“

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