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Scientists provide an explanation for the strange asymmetry between the moon’s near and far side

The clues are linked to an important property of KREEP, a type of rock signature known on Earth only from moon-meteorites

First comprehensive map of rockfalls on the moon

Also on our cosmic neighbor boulders or blocks of stone travel downslope, but mostly as a result of impacts of asteroids

NASA observes large Saharan dust plume over Atlantic ocean

Each year, hundreds of millions of tons of sand particles are blown across the Atlantic Ocean and help build beaches in the Caribbean and fertilize soils in the Amazon

Miscellaneous: ideas with natural stone

It was an explosive release of gas, mostly methane, from the permafrost that formed a 20 m wide and 20 m deep crater in northern Russia, researchers from Skoltech have found

Eclipse data illuminate mysteries of Sun’s corona

Scientists at the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy analyze our star’s outermost atmosphere to quantify the structure of its magnetic field and its 11-year cycles

The renovation of the Arkadenhof of the Vienna City Hall was awarded one of the Austrian stonemasons’ monument prizes

The play of colours of the natural stones on the facades was made visible again and a variety of ornaments and figures were renovated

Tropical thunderstorm again causes damage to the Taj Mahal

A part of the marble railing on the roof and 2 sandstone minarets were torn away by winds with over 120 kilometers per hour

The recently discovered impact crater in Greenland under the Hiawatha glacier was created less than 3 million years ago and thus is the youngest such structure on Earth

An international team of scientists could roughly date the impact by analyzing organic matter like cellular structures of the charred wood recovered in outwash from the ice

Miscellaneous: ideas with natural stone

“Artemis Déjà vu” is the name the Chinese company Xiamen Black White Stone has given its collection of consumer items made of or with natural stone

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