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Miscellaneous: ideas all around natural stone

French biennial stone Fair Rocalia (November 30 – December 02, 2021) co-located with the gardening and landscaping show Paysalia in Lyon, had nearly 29,000 visitors

Winter Olympics 2022 in Beijing: unlike in the summer of 2008, no jade in the winners‘ medals

This time there is only a symbolic reference to the history and culture of the country through the neolithic “yu bi“ discs

Miscellaneous: ideas all around natural stone

During the volcano eruption on the Pacific island of Tonga on January 15, 2022, there were violent flashes for hours at the lower edge of the ash cloud

Miscellaneous: ideas all around natural stone

Nasa-scientists found evidence that a region of northern Mars called Arabia Terra experienced thousands of “super eruptions“

Love, prosperity, contentment, and peace for 2022 is taking a few days off: Our next issue will appear on January 09, 2022, with a new entry in our STONE FINDER

Miscellaneous: ideas all around natural stone

Many friends and customers have sent us warm Christmas greetings. We show some in whose presentation stone plays a role

The city of Bern awards prizes for “exemplary craftsmanship and artistry“ gravestones and even has an advisor for the design

Next-of-kin receive a voucher for flower arrangements worth 100 SF and a certificate / The work of the sculptors is honored with a certificate

Stonemasonry winners in the „The Good Form” and “Professionals Perform“ craftsmanship-competitions were announced in Germany

Marks are given for creativity and skill at work or for professional working under time pressure, respectively

Miscellaneous: ideas all around natural stone

Ball’s Pyramid is a 560 m high spectacular rock in the Pacific Ocean between Australia and New Zealand. It is a remnant of a shield volcano

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