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Technological District of Marble and Ornamental Stones in Carrara founded

The aim is to identify and implement strategies to stimulate innovation of the enterprises of the stone sector in the region

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During the era of iceman Ötzi stone tools were the norm. At the 3rd „Ötzi: 25 years of research-Conference“ to be held in Bozen, this is one of the central themes

Peter’s Corner: enough of the ominous – non-existent – stone „industry“

The natural stone branch should follow the hype in manufacturing / More emphasis on marble and granite as unique distinguishing factors

Conveyor belts for marble and granite with heavy loads

At Marmomacc, Swiss-based producer Habasit will have its booth in Hall 5, B6

Cryovolcanism on dwarf planet Ceres: molten water instead of molten silicate rock

The low-temperature volcanic activity created an ,iceberg’ with 5200 m height on the celestial body between Mars and Jupiter

Fired-clay bricks made with cigarette butts can save energy and help solve littering problems

Australian RMIT researchers find ways to use such waste in the production of new building materials

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Shipping containers weights to be verified before boxes are loaded in accordance with amended rules Solas of The International Maritime Organization (IMO) in place since July 1st 2016

Continental tug-of-war – until the rope snaps

The normal rupture speed of 20 to 80 millimeters per year may increase 20-fold before final cracks

Why volcanoes like Vesuvius in Italy or Merapi in Indonesia are particularly explosive

Researchers from Sweden and Italy find out what happens when volcanic magma meets limestone on its way up to the surface of the earth

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Turkish Government supports exports by its stone branch in a number of ways. Of late trade fairs such as the Singapore Stone Show are part and parcel of the subsidies

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