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Reducing carbon emissions using waste marble powder

Portuguese scientists tested local stone waste and found out that it performed better than current commercial calcium-carbonate sorbents capturing CO2

Working at unfamiliar sites: Installation Safety Video

MIA+BSI release new learning modules with topics from protective equipment to tile-setting best practices

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Latest news: Emanuel Mateus de Castro, founder of the Brazilian trade journal Rochas de Qualidade, passed away on July 30, 2016

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One of Stonehenge’s greatest secrets is: how did man transport the colossal rocks 200 miles from Wales to England?

Natural stone branch positioned to alleviate refugee problems

Transfer of knowledge in the stone branch of countries of origin could empower a few potential refugees to legally find gainful employment in Europe (or in the US)

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France 2017: a new Natural Stone Trade Fair, Rocalia will take place. The show is to be held from December 5th to 7th in conjunction with the Garden Fair Paysalia in Lyon

Terrorist attack on Istanbul airport: Berlin mourns with sister city

Brandenburg Gate in the colors of the Turkish flag / Among the Berliners are about 200.000 people with Turkish background

Fila has developed a new method to combat stains on natural stone

The SCM Staincheck-Method enables users to reliably estimate the future progress of staining in every-day use of natural stone

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Spring 2016-issue of Building Stone Magazine can be downloaded free of charge.

Turning carbon from CO2 into solid material at an unbelievable rate

Scientists from Iceland and others make the climate gas precipitate into basalt within only two years, not over geological timescales

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