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Miscellaneous: ideas with natural stone

The colors of the Rainbow Mountain in the in the Peruvian Andes from red to brown to pale green, and pale yellow, are caused by chemical reactions in the rocks

TU Graz researchers discover new sediment archive for historical climate research at the Styrian Erzberg in Austria

Specifically, these are sedimentary fillings of faults and fractures which consist of the carbonate minerals dolomite, aragonite and calcite

Spanish Cosentino Group launches HybriQ+, a new type of its Silestone that moves away from quartz and uses more recycled glass

With the new material recipe, the company wants to get its artificial stone out of the lawsuits around silicosis from respirable crystalline silica

Nasa’s spacecraft OSIRIS-REx has collected dust and pebbles from the surface of asteroid Bennu, as telemetry data indicates

The celestial body is currently more than 200 million miles (321 million kilometers) away from Earth

Miscellaneous: ideas with natural stone

On October 20, 2020, Nasa’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is planed for a touch-and-go visit at near earth asteroid Bennu

In 2021 applications for the Creative Cities Network of Unesco are possible again

The “Crafts and Folk Art Creative Field” is also interesting for centers of natural stone / So far only Carrara is registered / Detailed concepts must be submitted

EuroSkills 2020 postponed indefinitely

Due to restrictions in European countries it is currently not possible to guarantee the minimum number of participants neede for the competition

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