Markets: Selling Stone

“Alpi 4.0“: Grassi Pietre makes terrazzo from small remnants of its stones

The company from the vicinity of Verona is also not afraid to work with engineered stones, as demonstrated a few years ago with Pietranova

The campaign “It’s Natural – Brazilian Natural Stone“ is intended to open up new markets, especially for the country’s quartzites

One way to achieve this is to use the funds of the state export promotion also for more professionalism in the companies

India ranks 11th in the world as a sales market for luxury products, with sales of around US$15 billion in 2021

World Wealth Report market researchers assess the strength of a country’s economy by the potential for the rich and super-rich, not by the usual numbers

Miscellaneous: ideas around natural stone

The number of hotel openings in Europe is expected to hit an all-time high in 2021, with more than 100,00 new rooms estimated for the year

Peter’s Corner: the stone sector urgently needs to deal with its waste and residual materials in its public relations work

The reason is that in an article in the influential magazine Architectural Digest, a mood is being created against natural stone

The companies in Sweden’s natural stone association are committed to climate-neutral operations by 2029

A “roadmap“ names fields of action and outlines the potential also for modernization and public relations work

In its PR, the ceramics industry is increasingly pointing out how waste is avoided or recycled in its products

The Fiandre company from Italy relates even its formats to the theme of sustainability

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